Carry Propagation MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Carry propagation MCQs, carry propagation quiz answers to learn CS courses online. Msi and pld components multiple choice questions (MCQs), carry propagation quiz questions and answers for online IT degree programs. Magnitude comparator, decimal adder, binary adder and subtractor, introduction to msi and pld components, carry propagation test prep for cisco certifications.

Learn msi and pld components test MCQs: carry generator in full adder has expression i.e., with choices g=ab, g=a+b, g=a-b, and g=a\b for online IT degree programs. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning carry propagation quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on Carry PropagationQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Carry generator in full adder has expression i.e.

  1. G=AB
  2. G=A+B
  3. G=A-B
  4. G=A\B


MCQ: Limiting factor on a speed of parallel adder is

  1. input delay
  2. carry propagation delay
  3. input propagation delay
  4. output delay


MCQ: Problem of carry propagation delay was resolved by

  1. 4bit adder
  2. parallel adder
  3. ripple carry adder
  4. carry look ahead


MCQ: Time takes to carry and propagate through full adder is called

  1. cycle delay
  2. clock delay
  3. propagation delay
  4. reset delay


MCQ: Carry propagate in full adder has expression i.e.

  1. A AND B
  2. A OR B
  3. A XOR B
  4. A NAND B