Axiomatic Definition of Boolean Algebra MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

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MCQs on Axiomatic Definition of Boolean AlgebraQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Boolean algebra is also called

  1. switching algebra
  2. arithmetic algebra
  3. linear algebra
  4. algebra


MCQ: Boolean algebra is defined as a set of

  1. three values
  2. two values
  3. four values
  4. five values


MCQ: Boolean algebra is an algebraic structure with two arithmetic operations

  1. addition and subtraction
  2. subtraction and multiplication
  3. addition and multiplication
  4. addition and division


MCQ: An identity element w.r.t addition

  1. x-1
  2. x+1
  3. x-0
  4. x+0


MCQ: X+x'=? Is equal to

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. x
  4. x'