Bit Plane Slicing Quiz Questions and Answers 120 PDF Download

Learn bit plane slicing quiz online, digital image processing test 120 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free bit plane slicing MCQs questions and answers to learn image processing quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on bit plane slicing test with answers, color models, background of intensity transformation, preview in image segmentation, image sampling and quantization, bit plane slicing practice test for online software engineering courses distance learning.

Free online bit plane slicing course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: pixels are digital numbers that are composed of with choices color , intensity levels, dots and bits with online study guide to prepare for employment tests and pre-employment screening test, study intensity transformation & spatial filtering multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Bit Plane Slicing Worksheet 120 Quiz PDF Download

Bit Plane Slicing Quiz

MCQ: Pixels are digital numbers that are composed of

  1. color
  2. intensity levels
  3. dots
  4. bits


Image Sampling and Quantization Quiz

MCQ: Discernible small details of image is

  1. wide domain
  2. spatial domain
  3. frequency domain
  4. algebraic domain


Preview in Image Segmentation Quiz

MCQ: Examples of similarity approach in segmentation are

  1. region growing
  2. region splitting
  3. extraction
  4. Both A and B


Background of Intensity Transformation Quiz

MCQ: Fourier transform is named after French mathematician

  1. joseph Fourier
  2. john Fourier
  3. sean Fourier
  4. jay Fourier


Color Models Quiz

MCQ: Color model used for printers is

  1. CMYK
  2. RCB
  3. RGB
  4. CMR