Point Line & Edge Detection Quiz Questions and Answers 102 PDF Download

Learn point line & edge detection quiz online, digital image processing test 102 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free point line & edge detection MCQs questions and answers to learn image processing quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on point line and edge detection test with answers, basic intensity transformations functions, edge models in image segmentation, fundamentals of image compression, imaging in visible and infrared band, point line and edge detection practice test for online computer information systems degree courses distance learning.

Free online point line & edge detection course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: first and second derivatives can be computed using with choices spatial filters, frequency filters, low pass and high pass for online preparation of competency based interview with trivia questions and answers, study image segmentation multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Point Line & Edge Detection Worksheet 102 Quiz PDF Download

Point Line and Edge Detection Quiz

MCQ: First and second derivatives can be computed using

  1. spatial filters
  2. frequency filters
  3. low pass
  4. high pass


Imaging in Visible and Infrared Band Quiz

MCQ: Image subtraction is used for

  1. color enhancement
  2. frequency enhancement
  3. spatial enhancement
  4. detection


Fundamentals of Image Compression Quiz

MCQ: Redundancy of data can be found using formula

  1. 1-(1/c)
  2. 1+(1/c)
  3. 1-(-1/c)
  4. (1/c)


Edge Models in Image Segmentation Quiz

MCQ: First derivatives are positive at points on

  1. ramp
  2. step
  3. roof
  4. edges


Basic Intensity Transformations Functions Quiz

MCQ: In expression s = Tr, T

  1. copy the pixel values
  2. replace the pixel values
  3. enhance the pixel values
  4. maps the pixel values