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Practice specialization in dbms MCQs, specialization in dbms quiz answers for online computer science degree programs. Learn entity relationship modeling multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs), specialization in dbms quiz questions and answers for computer software engineer online degree. Learn generalization and specialization, specialization and generalization, subclass and superclass, specialization in dbms test prep for computer science associate degree.

Learn entity relationship modeling MCQ: possible specialization constraint includes, with choices disjoint and total, overlapping and total, overlapping and partial, and all of above for computer software engineer online degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning specialization in dbms quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for 2 year computer science degree.

MCQs on Specialization in DBMS PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Possible specialization constraint includes

  1. disjoint and total
  2. overlapping and total
  3. overlapping and partial
  4. all of above


MCQ: Leaf nodes in diagrams of generalization and specialization are considered as

  1. extension classes
  2. leaf classes
  3. inverted classes
  4. diverted classes


MCQ: Type of specialization in which all the subclasses have membership condition on super class of similar attribute is classified as

  1. constraint-defined specialization
  2. key-defined specialization
  3. entity-defined specialization
  4. attribute-defined specialization


MCQ: Consider representation of specialization and generalization, the blank triangle is used to indicate the specific constraint called

  1. disjoint node
  2. shared base constraint
  3. schema construct
  4. disjoint constraint