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Data Abstraction Quiz Questions and Answers 87 PDF Download

Data abstraction quiz questions, learn DBMS online test prep 87 for distance learning, online courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on entity relationship modeling quiz, data abstraction multiple choice questions and answers to learn database management system quiz with answers. Practice data abstraction MCQs, career aptitude test on client server architecture, three schema architecture, sql data definition and types, database system environment, data abstraction practice test for online DBMS concepts courses distance learning.

Study data abstraction practice test with multiple choice question (MCQs), identification, aggregation and instantiation are abstraction concepts used in, for online computer science degree with choices intension and extension models, classes and nodes models, concrete models, semantic data models for online fresh graduate jobs, internship important interview questions and answers with topics and subtopics. Learn entity relationship modeling questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Data Abstraction Worksheet 87Quiz PDF Download

Data Abstraction Quiz

MCQ: Identification, aggregation and instantiation are abstraction concepts used in

  1. intension and extension models
  2. classes and nodes models
  3. concrete models
  4. semantic data models


Database System Environment Quiz

MCQ: All information about usage standards, decision of designs, user information and description of application programs is stored in

  1. data repository
  2. data utility
  3. data compiler
  4. data host


SQL Data Definition and Types Quiz

MCQ: Type of data in SQL which includes TIME and DATE fields plus six positions for other decimal fractions is classified as

  1. timestamp
  2. interval stamp
  3. Boolean stamp
  4. literal string stamp


Three Schema Architecture Quiz

MCQ: In Three-Schema Architecture, schema which gives description about physical data model, access path and details of storage of data is called

  1. logical schema
  2. conceptual schema
  3. internal schema
  4. external schema


Client Server Architecture Quiz

MCQ: Local concurrency control, storage of data on disk pages and buffering of disk pages are considered as tasks of

  1. client level
  2. server level
  3. open programming level
  4. database connectivity level