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Database Management System Classification Quiz Questions and Answers 76 PDF Download

Learn database management system classification quiz online, DBMS test 76 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free database management system classification MCQs questions and answers to learn database management system quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on database management system classification test with answers, weak entity types, relation schemas design, project operation, hashing techniques, database management system classification practice test for online relational database management system courses distance learning.

Free online database management system classification course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: data model, access path and number of users of database management system are criteria for with choices logical phase basis of dbms, classification basis of dbms, data cycle basis of dbms and transaction phase basis of dbms for online viva voce, competitive exams' preparation and online distance educational learning, study database concepts & architecture multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Database Management System Classification Worksheet 76 Quiz PDF Download

Database Management System Classification Quiz

MCQ: Data model, access path and number of users of database management system are criteria for

  1. logical phase basis of DBMS
  2. classification basis of DBMS
  3. data cycle basis of DBMS
  4. transaction phase basis of DBMS


Hashing Techniques Quiz

MCQ: Number of values taken by hash field are called

  1. cluster field space
  2. span field space
  3. hash field space
  4. folding field space


PROJECT Operation Quiz

MCQ: Operation which only selects some of columns from table and neglect remaining columns is classified as

  1. OR operation
  2. AND operation
  3. TABLE operation
  4. PROJECT operation


Relation Schemas Design Quiz

MCQ: Constraint between two different attributes sets is classified as

  1. modification anomaly
  2. functional dependency
  3. insertion anomaly
  4. deletion anomaly


Weak Entity Types Quiz

MCQ: Type of association which associates a owner entity to weak entity is classified as

  1. string relationship
  2. dependency relationship
  3. floating relationship
  4. identifying relationship