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Embedded & Dynamic SQL Quiz Questions and Answers 62 PDF Book Download

Embedded and dynamic sql quiz, embedded and dynamic sql MCQs with answers, DBMS quiz 62 for online data analytics courses. College and university degree MCQs, introduction to sql programming techniques quiz questions and answers, embedded and dynamic sql multiple choice questions to practice database management system test with answers. Learn embedded and dynamic sql MCQs, career aptitude test on erm types constraints, join dependencies, introduction to disk storage, embedded and dynamic sql test prep for cloudera certified professional certification.

Practice embedded and dynamic sql career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in multiple tuples retrieval, command which is used to fetch queries from database is classified as, to learn database administrator degree with options update command, close cursor command, open cursor command, fetch command for MIS careers. Learn introduction to sql programming techniques questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for SQL server certification.

Quiz on Embedded & Dynamic SQL Worksheet 62Quiz Book Download

Embedded and Dynamic SQL Quiz

MCQ: In multiple tuples retrieval, command which is used to fetch queries from database is classified as

  1. UPDATE command
  2. CLOSE CURSOR command
  3. OPEN CURSOR command
  4. FETCH command


Introduction to Disk Storage Quiz

MCQ: Example of tertiary storage media is

  1. magnetic disks
  2. optical disks
  3. removable media
  4. cache memory


Join Dependencies Quiz

MCQ: Other name of project-join normal form is

  1. join normal form
  2. trivial normal form
  3. sixth normal form
  4. fifth normal form


ERM Types Constraints Quiz

MCQ: Two main types of constraints of entity relationships are

  1. intensive ratio
  2. participation
  3. cardinality ratio
  4. both b and c


Secondary Storage Devices Quiz

MCQ: Disk units which has an actuator attached into it are called

  1. transfer disks
  2. mechanical disks
  3. moveable-head disks
  4. fixed-head disks