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Database programming quiz, database programming MCQs with answers, DBMS quiz 1 for online data analytics courses. College and university degree MCQs, introduction to sql programming techniques quiz questions and answers, database programming multiple choice questions to practice database management system test with answers. Learn database programming MCQs, career aptitude test on state chart diagrams, select and project, introduction to data modeling, database programming test prep for DBA certification.

Practice database programming career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): technique in which source program are replaced by database management generated code is classified as, for database administrator degree programs with options referential sql, embedded sql, interpreted sql, embossed sql for information technology careers. Learn introduction to sql programming techniques questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for SQL certification.

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Database Programming Quiz

MCQ: Technique in which source program are replaced by database management generated code is classified as

  1. referential SQL
  2. embedded SQL
  3. interpreted SQL
  4. embossed SQL


Introduction to Data Modeling Quiz

MCQ: Type of diagram in which operations are specified on objects is considered as

  1. functional diagrams
  2. class diagrams
  3. attribute diagrams
  4. entity diagrams



MCQ: In unary relational operations, SELECT operation is partition of relation usually classified as

  1. horizontal partition
  2. vertical partition
  3. insert partition
  4. delete partition


State Chart Diagrams Quiz

MCQ: Element of state chart diagrams which uses round corner boxes to represent situations of an object is classified as

  1. life line marker
  2. iteration marker
  3. transitions
  4. state


Modeling: Union Types Quiz

MCQ: In modeling of union type classes, partial category of super class is represented by

  1. single line
  2. inverted comma
  3. triple line
  4. double line