Information System Life Cycle MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn information system life cycle MCQs, DBMS test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Database design methodology and uml diagrams quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), information system life cycle quiz questions and answers, unified modeling language diagrams, uml diagrams, uml class diagrams, information system life cycle tutorials for online characteristics of DBMS courses distance learning.

Database management system practice test MCQ: life cycle of information system is also called with options mini data life cycle, meta data life cycle, micro life cycle and macro life cycle for online study, career test and distance learning online preparation for national and international exams. Free study guide is for online learning information system life cycle quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Information System Life Cycle Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Life cycle of information system is also called

  1. mini data life cycle
  2. meta data life cycle
  3. micro life cycle
  4. macro life cycle


MCQ: Second phase of micro life cycle is

  1. requirement collection and analysis
  2. design of database
  3. validation testing
  4. feasibility analysis


MCQ: In phases of macro life cycle or information system life cycle, phase which consists of study of cost benefit and potential areas of application is called

  1. deployment analysis phase
  2. validation analysis phase
  3. feasibility analysis phase
  4. implementation analysis phase


MCQ: Life cycle of database system is also called

  1. micro life cycle
  2. macro life cycle
  3. mini data life cycle
  4. meta data life cycle


MCQ: In phases of database system life cycle or micro life cycle, activities included are

  1. monitoring and maintenance
  2. database implementation
  3. application conversion
  4. all of above