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Learn hashing techniques MCQs, DBMS online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice disk storage, file structures and hashing multiple choice questions (MCQs), hashing techniques quiz questions and answers. DBA certification prep on secondary storage devices, database management systems, hashing techniques tutorials for online need of database management system courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters degree courses' MCQs: in linear hashing, formula of file load factor is, for online data science degree programs with choices l = r⁄ (bfr * n), l = r⁄ (bfr + n), l = r⁄ (bfr - n), l = r⁄ (bfr * 2n) with online distance learning for masters in computer science degree courses. Free skills assessment test is for online learn hashing techniques quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Hashing TechniquesQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In linear hashing, formula of file load factor is

  1. l = r⁄ (bfr * N)
  2. l = r⁄ (bfr + N)
  3. l = r⁄ (bfr - N)
  4. l = r⁄ (bfr * 2N)


MCQ: Hashing technique which allocates fixed number of buckets is classified as

  1. dynamic hashing
  2. static hashing
  3. external hashing
  4. internal hashing


MCQ: Hashing technique which allows increase or decrease in number of buckets without a need of directory is classified as

  1. global depth hashing
  2. linear hashing
  3. relative hashing
  4. local depth hashing


MCQ: In linear hashing, formula used to calculate number of records if blocking factor, loading factor and file buckets are known is as

  1. r =l + bfr + N
  2. r =l - bfr - N
  3. r =l + bfr - N
  4. r =l * bfr * N


MCQ: If global depth is more than local depth then operation must be performed in directory array is

  1. adding
  2. subtracting
  3. halving
  4. doubling