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File organizations MCQs, file organizations quiz answers to learn data analytics online courses. Learn disk storage, file structures and hashing multiple choice questions (MCQs), file organizations quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on introduction to disk storage, hashing techniques, disk file records, file organizations test prep for big data certification.

Practice disk storage, file structures and hashing test MCQs: technique used in dbms to store all related objects in mixed file is classified as, with choices ternary clustering, secondary clustering, physical clustering, and primary clustering for data analyst degree online. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning file organizations quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for data science certification.

MCQ on File OrganizationsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Technique used in DBMS to store all related objects in mixed file is classified as

  1. ternary clustering
  2. secondary clustering
  3. physical clustering
  4. primary clustering


MCQ: Fields which are used to retrieve related records from other files are called

  1. secondary fields
  2. primary fields
  3. key fields
  4. connecting fields


MCQ: Technique of writing data on two physical disks and treating both disks as one logical disk unit is classified as

  1. shadowing
  2. clustering
  3. distributing
  4. non shadowing