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Learn view of data MCQs, database management system test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Introduction to dbms quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), view of data quiz questions and answers, relational databases, database design, view of data tutorials for online database courses distance learning.

Database management system practice test MCQ: a collection of tables to represent both data and relationships among data, is known as with options entity relationship model, relational model, object-based data model and semi structured data model for online competitive test preparation for government jobs, highest paying jobs and teaching jobs. Free study guide is for online learning view of data quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on View of Data Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A collection of tables to represent both data and relationships among data, is known as

  1. Entity relationship model
  2. Relational Model
  3. Object-based Data model
  4. Semi structured data model


MCQ: To represent data in database, and need of efficiency has led designers to use

  1. Optimized data structure
  2. No data structure
  3. Simple data structure
  4. Complex data Structure


MCQ: Record-based models are so named because database is structured in

  1. Variable-format records
  2. Random-format records
  3. Fixed format records
  4. None of the above


MCQ: Data model that is widely used in database design is

  1. Object-based Data model
  2. Relational Model
  3. Semistructured data model
  4. Entity relationship model


MCQ: Entity-relationship model is widely used in

  1. Database design
  2. Database processing
  3. Database implementation
  4. Database direction