Security and Authorization MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Security and authorization multiple choice questions (MCQs), security and authorization test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn intermediate sql multiple choice questions (MCQs), security and authorization quiz questions and answers. Career test on database authorization test for database administrator certification.

Learn intermediate sql practice test MCQs: sql authorization mechanism grants privileges on, for free online courses with options entire relation, specified attributes , specified tuples for IT careers. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online security and authorization quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for best information technology certifications.

MCQ on Security and Authorization Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Authorization on a relation allows a user to update any tuple in relation, is known to be

  1. select authorization
  2. grant authorization
  3. define authorization
  4. update authorization


MCQ: SQL authorization mechanism grants privileges on

  1. Entire relation
  2. Specified attributes
  3. Both A and B
  4. Specified tuples


MCQ: Privileges that are granted implicitly to all current and future users, are called as

  1. Private
  2. Natural
  3. Unnatural
  4. Public


MCQ: To revoke an authorization, we use statement

  1. Revoke
  2. Modify
  3. Alter
  4. Define


MCQ: SQL authorization mechanism doesn't grants privileges on

  1. Specified attributes
  2. Specified tuples
  3. Entire relation
  4. None of the above