Relational Databases MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn relational databases MCQs, database management system online test for distance education, free online sql courses prep. Practice introduction to dbms multiple choice questions (MCQs), relational databases quiz questions and answers. ETS GRE test prep on database design, relational databases tutorials for online logical database design courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in data science degree MCQs: preface that converts dml statements to normal procedure calls in host language, is known as, for online courses with choices dml pre-executor, dml executor, dml compiler, dml precompile with online universities' competitive tests for online computer science degree and courses. Free skills assessment test is for online learn relational databases quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Relational Databases Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Preface that converts DML statements to normal procedure calls in host language, is known as

  1. DML pre-executor
  2. DML executor
  3. DML compiler
  4. DML precompile


MCQ: DML precompile converts DML statements to normal procedure calls in the

  1. Host language
  2. Query language
  3. Compiler language
  4. System language


MCQ: It is easy to understand how tables may be stored in

  1. System
  2. Storage
  3. Files
  4. Records


MCQ: Model that uses a collection of tables to represent data and relationships among data, is known as

  1. Relational model
  2. View model
  3. Logical model
  4. Physical model


MCQ: Java Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard provides corresponding features to

  1. Structured Query language
  2. .NET language
  3. Java Language
  4. C language