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Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Quiz Questions and Answers 375 PDF Download

Java database connectivity (jdbc) quiz questions and answers, java database connectivity (jdbc) online learning, dbms test prep 375 for distance learning online courses. College and university courses MCQs on advanced sql quiz, java database connectivity (jdbc) multiple choice questions to practice dbms quiz with answers. Learn java database connectivity (jdbc) MCQs, career aptitude test on modeling temporal data, application security, embedded sql, database architecture, java database connectivity (jdbc) practice test for online database definitions courses distance learning.

Practice java database connectivity (jdbc) career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a jdbc driver may support multiple, for online education degree with options protocols, medium, programming languages , communicators for online bachelor's degree in computer science. Learn advanced sql questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Worksheet 375Quiz PDF Download

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Quiz

MCQ: A JDBC driver may support multiple

  1. Protocols
  2. Medium
  3. Programming Languages
  4. Communicators


Database Architecture Quiz

MCQ: In a three-tier architecture, client machine does not contain any direct

  1. Process calls
  2. System calls
  3. Function calls
  4. Database calls


Embedded SQL Quiz

MCQ: Transactions can be committed using

  2. SQLCommit
  3. Commit


Application Security Quiz

MCQ: Attack in which attacker manages to execute a query of its own by getting an application, is known as

  1. Forgery
  2. Cross-site request forgery
  3. SQL injection
  4. Active attacks


Modeling Temporal Data Quiz

MCQ: Functional dependencies that holds at a particular point in time are known as

  1. Interval functional dependency
  2. Temporal functional dependency
  3. Snapshot functional dependency
  4. Pointed functional dependency