Ordered Indices Quiz Questions and Answers 253 PDF Download

Learn ordered indices quiz online, database management system test 253 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free ordered indices MCQs questions and answers to learn database management system quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on ordered indices test with answers, recovery and atomicity, er diagrams symbols, constraints in dbms, database views, ordered indices practice test for online OLAP courses distance learning.

Free online ordered indices course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in-memory indexing uses with choices Hashing , Clusters, Array and binary tree with interesting topics from previous question papers, exam papers and online tutorial questions, study indexing and hashing multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Ordered Indices Worksheet 253 Quiz PDF Download

Ordered Indices Quiz

MCQ: In-memory indexing uses

  1. Hashing
  2. Clusters
  3. Array
  4. Binary tree


Database Views Quiz

MCQ: Views can be defined with a clause of

  1. Check clause
  2. With check clause
  3. Condition clause
  4. With condition clause


Constraints in DBMS Quiz

MCQ: An E-R schema can define certain constraints to which contents of a database must

  1. Rely
  2. Exist
  3. Depend
  4. Conform


ER Diagrams Symbols Quiz

MCQ: In an E-R diagram, entity sets are linked to relationship sets, with symbol

  1. Forward arrow
  2. Backward arrow
  3. Looped arrow
  4. Lines


Recovery and Atomicity Quiz

MCQ: Field of update log record that defines unique identi?er of transaction is known as

  1. Data-item identi?er
  2. Old value identifier
  3. Transaction identifier
  4. New value identifier