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View of Data Quiz Questions and Answers 1 PDF Online Download

Practice view of data quiz, view of data MCQs with answers, database management test prep 1 to learn databases for online Oracle certification courses. Introduction to dbms quiz questions and answers, view of data Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online DBMS, DBA degree. Free view of data MCQs, java database connectivity (jdbc), jdbc and java, functions and procedures, view of data test prep for computer information science.

Learn view of data MCQ with multiple choice questions: a collection of tables to represent both data and relationships among data, is known as, with choices entity relationship model, relational model, object-based data model, and semi structured data model for associates in computer science. Learn introduction to dbms questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Quiz on View of Data MCQs with Answers 1 PDF Online Download

View of Data Quiz

MCQ: A collection of tables to represent both data and relationships among data, is known as

  1. Entity relationship model
  2. Relational Model
  3. Object-based Data model
  4. Semi structured data model


Functions and Procedures Quiz

MCQ: In language constructs for procedures, PSM stands for

  1. Permanent Storage Module
  2. Persistent Storage Module
  3. Prepared Statement Module
  4. Prepared Storage Module


JDBC and JAVA Quiz

MCQ: A JAVA program that uses JDBC, should determine that information is directly from database system at runtime, to have

  1. Efficient system
  2. Robust system
  3. Active system
  4. Accurate system


Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Quiz

MCQ: Database system compiles query when it is

  1. Executed
  2. Initialized
  3. Prepared
  4. Invoked


Structure of Relational Model Quiz

MCQ: In relational model, row of table is known to be

  1. Relation
  2. Attribute
  3. Tuple
  4. Entity field