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Bitmap Indices Quiz Questions and Answers 94 PDF Book Download

Bitmap indices quiz, bitmap indices MCQs answers, database management quiz 94 to learn data analytics courses online. Indexing and hashing quiz questions and answers, bitmap indices multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice dbms test with answers for college and university courses. Learn bitmap indices MCQs, data mining and information retrieval, relational databases, database triggers, bitmap indices test prep for big data certification.

Learn bitmap indices test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a b+ tree index takes form of a, with choices complex tree, simple tree, balanced tree, and unbalanced tree for online data science masters. Learn indexing and hashing questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for data science certification.

Quiz on Bitmap Indices Worksheet 94Quiz Book Download

Bitmap Indices Quiz

MCQ: A B+ tree index takes form of a

  1. Complex tree
  2. Simple tree
  3. Balanced tree
  4. Unbalanced tree


Database Triggers Quiz

MCQ: Changes of replica of database are copied over a separate

  1. System
  2. Process
  3. Program
  4. Method


Relational Databases Quiz

MCQ: Application program interface is basically a

  1. Set of rules
  2. Set of raw facts
  3. Set of figures
  4. Set of procedures


Data Mining and Information Retrieval Quiz

MCQ: A manual component to data mining, consists of preprocessing data to a form acceptable to

  1. Variables
  2. Algorithms
  3. Rules
  4. Processes


Aggregate Functions Quiz

MCQ: To apply aggregate function not only to a single set of tuples, but to a group of sets of tuples; using the

  1. Grouped clause
  2. Group by clause
  3. Merge clause
  4. Avg clause