Physical Storage Media MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Physical storage media MCQs, physical storage media quiz answers to learn data analytics online courses. Learn storage and file structure multiple choice questions (MCQs), physical storage media quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on raid, database buffer, records organization in files, physical storage media test prep for MySQL certification.

Practice storage and file structure test MCQs: medium of storage used for data that is available to be operated on is, for online database administrator degree with choices flash memory, main memory, magnetic-disk storage, and cache for computer science careers. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online physical storage media quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for entry level information technology certifications.

MCQ on Physical Storage Media Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Medium of storage used for data that is available to be operated on is

  1. Flash memory
  2. Main memory
  3. Magnetic-disk storage
  4. Cache


MCQ: Magnetic tape and optical-disk jukeboxes storage medias are known as

  1. Volatile storage
  2. Primary storage
  3. Secondary storage
  4. Tertiary storage


MCQ: Storage media like magnetic disks are referred to as

  1. Primary storage
  2. Secondary storage
  3. Volatile storage
  4. Tertiary storage


MCQ: Main measures upon which performance of a disk is verified, are reliability, capacity and

  1. Data transfer
  2. Access time
  3. Failure rate
  4. Both A and B


MCQ: Most fastest and costly form of storage is named as

  1. Main memory
  2. Flash memory
  3. Cache
  4. Optical storage