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Modification of database MCQs, modification of database quiz answers to learn online data analytics courses. Sql interview questions and answers multiple choice questions (MCQs), modification of database quiz questions and answers for big data certification. Career assessment test on modification of database test prep for data science certification.

Practice sql interview questions and answers test MCQs: sql supports nested subqueries in where, and from clauses of an, with choices outer query, inner query, outer tuple, and inner tuple for big data certification. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning modification of database quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for big data certification.

MCQ on Modification of Database Quiz Book Download

MCQ: SQL supports nested subqueries in where, and from clauses of an

  1. Outer query
  2. Inner query
  3. Outer tuple
  4. Inner tuple


MCQ: Performing all tests before performing any deletion is

  1. Important
  2. Optional
  3. Complex
  4. Irrational


MCQ: SQL supports basic set operations on relations that includes

  1. Union
  2. Intersect
  3. Except
  4. All of the above


MCQ: Scalar subqueries are also useful in SQL

  1. Insertion statements
  2. Deletion statement
  3. Update statements
  4. Retrieval statement


MCQ: SQL data-definition language is used to create relations with specified

  1. Schema
  2. Structure
  3. Domain
  4. Attributes