Generalization MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Generalization multiple choice questions (MCQs), generalization test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn database design and er model multiple choice questions (MCQs), generalization quiz questions and answers. Career test on constraints in dbms, entity relationship diagrams, specialization test for online normalization in DBMS courses distance learning.

Learn database design and er model practice test MCQs: in generalization, higher-level entities are designated by term, for free online courses with options strong entity set, weak entity set, superclass, subclass for online computer science degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning generalization quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major.

MCQ on Generalization Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In generalization, constraint in which membership is evaluated on basis of an explicit predicate, is known as

  1. User-defined
  2. System-defined
  3. Condition-defined
  4. Data-defined


MCQ: In generalization, higher-level entities are designated by term

  1. Strong entity set
  2. Weak entity set
  3. Superclass
  4. Subclass


MCQ: In generalization, lower-level entities are designated by term

  1. Weak entity set
  2. Subclass
  3. Strong entity set
  4. Superclass


MCQ: Design of generalization from an initial entity set into successive levels of entity subgroupings depicts a

  1. Bottom-up approach
  2. Horizontal approach
  3. Vertical approach
  4. Top-down approach


MCQ: Practice of generalization is a simple inversion of

  1. Inheritance
  2. Dependency
  3. Specialization
  4. Relationships