DBMS Authorization MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn dbms authorization MCQs, database management system test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Sql queries interview questions quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), dbms authorization quiz questions and answers, sql data types and schemas, dbms authorization tutorials for online object relational database courses distance learning.

Database management system practice test MCQ: authorization can be granted to user as with choices all privileges, no privilege, combination of privileges and all of the above for online IT learning with distance learning portal for information technology jobs. Free study guide is for online learning dbms authorization quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on DBMS Authorization Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Authorization can be granted to user as

  1. All privileges
  2. No privilege
  3. Combination of privileges
  4. All of the Above


MCQ: Authorizations on data have different forms of

  1. 2 types
  2. 3 types
  3. 4 types
  4. 5 types


MCQ: Database manager who authorizes all new users, modifies database and takes grants privilege is, is known to be

  1. Administrator
  2. Author
  3. Authorizer
  4. Authenticator


MCQ: Each of types of authorizations is called a/an

  1. Grant access
  2. Privilege
  3. Assignment
  4. Access


MCQ: Privileges are granted over some specified parts of a database, such as a

  1. Relation Or view
  2. Schema
  3. Environment
  4. Query statement