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Learn Database Design MCQs, database design quiz answers pdf to study online data science degree course. Practice Introduction to DBMS Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs), "Database Design" quiz questions and answers for top computer science schools in the world. Learn relational databases, database languages, view of data test prep for top online computer science programs.

Practice database design MCQ: Designer can review schema to ensure it meets all functional requirements, at stage, with choices conceptual design, execution design, controlling design, and initial planning for top computer science schools in the world. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning Database Design Quiz Questions for competitive exams in computer science major for online computer science engineering.

MCQs on Database Design PDF Online Download

MCQ: Designer can review the schema to ensure it meets all the functional requirements, at the stage

  1. Conceptual design
  2. Execution design
  3. Controlling design
  4. Initial Planning


MCQ: In the database design, to characterize fully the data needs of the prospective database users, in the

  1. Initial phase
  2. Execution phase
  3. Maintenance phase
  4. Closure phase


MCQ: Problem of being unable to represent some information, can be solved by introducing

  1. Pointers
  2. Null values
  3. 0 value
  4. Null pointer


MCQ: Generating a set of relation schemas that allows storing information without unnecessary redundancy, is goal of

  1. Assertions
  2. Associations
  3. Normalization
  4. Integration


MCQ: Database systems are designed to manage

  1. Small bodies of information
  2. Large bodies of information
  3. Plain bodies of knowledge
  4. Complex bodies of knowledge