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Learn data dictionary storage MCQs, database management system test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Storage and file structure quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), data dictionary storage quiz questions and answers, raid, data dictionary storage tutorials for online bachelor degree in computer information systems courses distance learning.

Database management system practice test MCQ: relational schemas are stored in a structure called with choices sequence dictionary, storage dictionary, data dictionary and functional dictionary for career test, online study and distance learning online preparation for online university courses. Free study guide is for online learning data dictionary storage quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Data Dictionary Storage Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Relational schemas are stored in a structure called

  1. Sequence dictionary
  2. Storage dictionary
  3. Data Dictionary
  4. Functional dictionary


MCQ. Data about data is referred to as

  1. Grand-data
  2. Metadata
  3. Teradata
  4. Tieradata


MCQ. Data dictionary is also known as

  1. Function catalog
  2. Data catalog
  3. Storage catalog
  4. System catalog


MCQ. Metadata about relations are stored in a structure known as

  1. Data Dictionary
  2. Functional dictionary
  3. Sequence dictionary
  4. Storage dictionary