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Sonet frames multiple choice questions (MCQs), sonet frames quiz answers to learn CS courses for online networking degrees. Sonet MCQs with answers, sonet frames quiz questions and answers for computer technology degree online. Learn sonet frames test prep for cyber security certifications.

Learn sonet test MCQs: in sonet, duration of any frame is, with choices 110 ?, 120 ?, 125 ?, and 135 ? for computer technology degree online. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning sonet frames quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT security certifications.

MCQ on Sonet FramesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: In SONET, duration of any frame is

  1. 110 ?
  2. 120 ?
  3. 125 ?
  4. 135 ?


MCQ: APS stands for

  1. Automatic Protection Solutions
  2. Automatic Protection Switching
  3. Automatic Protected Signals
  4. Automatic Protected Station


MCQ: POH stands for

  1. Path overhead
  2. Polar Overlook
  3. Pin Overlook
  4. Plot Overhead


MCQ: SONET frame can carry information from a digitized voice

  1. Media
  2. Channel
  3. Station
  4. Signal


MCQ: In Sonet Frames, encapsulation may create two problems that are handled elegantly by

  1. SDH
  2. SONET
  3. FSK
  4. CDMA