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Satellite Networks Quiz Questions and Answers 56 PDF Download

Learn satellite networks quiz, online computer networks test 56 for distance learning, online courses. Free networking MCQs questions and answers to learn satellite networks MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on satellite networks with answers, frame relay and atm, random access, sonet architecture, network congestion, satellite networks test for online corporate networks courses distance learning.

Free satellite networks online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: a satellite can also communicate with an earth station through a with choices user mobile link, gateway link, bridgeway link and station link with distance learning online for computer science engineering, bachelor and masters of computer science, study wireless wans: cellular telephone & satellite networks multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Satellite Networks Worksheet 56 Quiz PDF Download

Satellite Networks Quiz

MCQ. A satellite can also communicate with an Earth station through a

  1. User Mobile Link
  2. Gateway Link
  3. Bridgeway Link
  4. Station Link


Network Congestion Quiz

MCQ. In Congestion, CBR stands for

  1. Control Bit Rate
  2. Constant Bit Rate
  3. Constant Byte Rate
  4. Congestion Byte Rate


Sonet Architecture Quiz

MCQ. OCs stands for

  1. Optical Communications
  2. Optical Carriers
  3. Optical Cells
  4. Optical Coordinates


Random Access Quiz

MCQ. ALOHA was developed in early

  1. 1960
  2. 1970
  3. 1980
  4. 1990


Frame Relay and ATM Quiz

MCQ. Data communications had been based on frame switching and frame networks at data link layers, before

  1. ATM
  2. LMI
  3. SONET
  4. Frame Relay