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Sonet Frames Quiz Questions and Answers 40 PDF Download

Learn sonet frames quiz questions, online computer network test 40 for distance learning degrees, online courses. College and university courses' MCQs on sonet quiz, sonet frames multiple choice questions and answers to learn networking quiz with answers. Practice sonet frames MCQs, career test assessment on firewall, digital to digital conversion, frame relay and atm, twisted pair cable, sonet frames practice test for online bachelor's degree in information technology courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in computer network questions, sonet frames course online has multiple choice question (MCQs): aps stands for with options automatic protection solutions, automatic protection switching, automatic protected signals and automatic protected station with online computer science degree courses for technical certifications preparation. Learn sonet quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Sonet Frames Worksheet 40Quiz PDF Download

Sonet Frames Quiz

MCQ: APS stands for

  1. Automatic Protection Solutions
  2. Automatic Protection Switching
  3. Automatic Protected Signals
  4. Automatic Protected Station


Twisted Pair Cable Quiz

MCQ: Twisted pair cable in which metal casing improves penetration of noise or crosstalk is called

  1. insulated twisted pair cable
  2. Shielded twisted pair cable
  3. Unshielded twisted pair cable
  4. Both A & B


Frame Relay and ATM Quiz

MCQ: In Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), cell has

  1. 34 Bytes
  2. 44 Bytes
  3. 53 Bytes
  4. 63 Bytes


Digital to Digital Conversion Quiz

MCQ: In which scheme all signal levels are on one side of time axis?

  1. Unipolar
  2. Bipolar
  3. Polar
  4. Multi level


Firewall Quiz

MCQ: A proxy firewall filters at the

  1. Physical layer
  2. Application layer
  3. Data link layer
  4. Network layer