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Frame Relay in VCN Quiz Questions and Answers 363 PDF Download

Learn frame relay in vcn quiz questions, online computer network test 363 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses MCQs on virtual circuit networks: frame relay & atm quiz, frame relay in vcn multiple choice questions and answers to learn networking quiz with answers. Practice frame relay in vcn MCQs career test for assessment on frame relay and atm, fast ethernet, what is internet, digital to digital conversion, frame relay in vcn practice test for online local area network courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in computer network questions, frame relay in vcn online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): bit which indicates priority level of frame is called with options extended address, address (dlci) field, command/response and discarded eligibility with interesting topics from previous question papers, exam papers and online tutorial questions. Learn virtual circuit networks: frame relay & atm quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Frame Relay in VCN Worksheet 363Quiz PDF Download

Frame Relay in VCN Quiz

MCQ: Bit which indicates priority level of frame is called

  1. Extended address
  2. Address (DLCI) field
  3. command/response
  4. Discarded Eligibility


Digital to Digital Conversion Quiz

MCQ: Asynchronous, synchronous and isochronous are three subclasses of serial transmission to send

  1. parallel data
  2. discrete data
  3. Continuous data
  4. None


What is Internet Quiz

MCQ: A proxy server keeps copies of responses to

  1. Current requests
  2. Recent requests
  3. Pending requests
  4. Recieved Requests


Fast Ethernet Quiz

MCQ: Slot time for gigabit Ethernet is

  1. 0.312
  2. 0.412
  3. 0.512
  4. 0.612


Frame Relay and ATM Quiz

MCQ: Original design of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) was based on

  1. TDM
  2. SONET
  3. Cells
  4. Frames