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Time Division Multiplexing Quiz Questions and Answers 334 PDF Book Download

Time division multiplexing quiz, time division multiplexing MCQs with answers, computer network quiz 334 for online networking courses. College and university degree MCQs on bandwidth utilization multiplexing and spreading quiz questions and answers, time division multiplexing multiple choice questions to practice networking test with answers. Learn time division multiplexing MCQs, career aptitude test on igmp protocol, snmp protocol, osi model layers, time division multiplexing test prep for entry level IT certifications.

Practice time division multiplexing career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in synchronous tdm, data rate of link is n times faster and unit duration is, to learn computer science degree with options n times shorter, n+1 times shorter, n-1 times shorter, remains same for technology jobs. Learn bandwidth utilization multiplexing and spreading questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for CompTIA certification.

Quiz on Time Division Multiplexing Worksheet 334Quiz Book Download

Time Division Multiplexing Quiz

MCQ: In synchronous TDM, data rate of link is n times faster and unit duration is

  1. n times shorter
  2. n+1 times shorter
  3. n-1 times shorter
  4. remains same


OSI Model Layers Quiz

MCQ: Route determination can be identified by

  1. Transport layer
  2. Application layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Presentation layer


SNMP Protocol Quiz

MCQ: Message digest needs to be

  1. public
  2. private
  3. kept secret
  4. None


IGMP Protocol Quiz

MCQ: Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), is not a multicasting routing protocol; it is a protocol that manages

  1. Group membership
  2. Frames
  3. Packets
  4. Group Source


Moving Picture Experts Group Quiz

MCQ: Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG-1), was designed for a

  1. PC
  2. CD
  3. DVD
  4. Floppy