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Network Router Quiz Questions and Answers 318 PDF Book Download

Network router quiz, network router MCQs with answers, computer network test prep 318 to learn networking courses for online classes. Network layer address mapping, error reporting and multicasting quiz questions and answers, network router multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Learn network router MCQs, block coding, data packets, fast ethernet, network router test prep for network administrator certifications.

Learn network router MCQ with multiple choice questions: a host or router can join a group by sending a, with choices initiative report, joining report, membership report message, and membership leave report for online computer science bachelors degree. Learn network layer address mapping, error reporting and multicasting questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for CCNA certification.

Quiz on Network Router Worksheet 318 PDF Book Download

Network Router MCQ

MCQ: A host or router can join a group by sending a

  1. Initiative Report
  2. Joining Report
  3. Membership Report Message
  4. Membership Leave Report


Fast Ethernet MCQ

MCQ: 100BaseFX is used for encoding of

  1. Manchester
  2. NRZ - I
  3. MLT-3
  4. 8B/6T


Fast Ethernet MCQ

MCQ: Fast Ethernet also called

  1. Standard 802.3u
  2. Standard 802.3z
  3. Standard 802.3s
  4. Standard 802.3y


Data Packets MCQ

MCQ: In Real Time Interactive Audio Video, a sequence number on each packet is required for

  1. real-time traffic
  2. real-time Playback
  3. real-time pixels
  4. real-time frames


Block coding MCQ

MCQ: Hamming distance can easily be found if we apply the

  1. XOR operation
  2. XNOR operation
  3. OR operation
  4. AND operation