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Transport Layer Quiz Questions and Answers 296 PDF Book Download

Transport layer quiz, transport layer MCQs answers, computer network quiz 296 to learn networking courses online. Network models quiz questions and answers, transport layer multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice networking test with answers for college and university courses. Learn transport layer MCQs, igmp protocol, world wide web architecture, class ip addressing, transport layer test prep for cyber security certifications.

Learn transport layer test with multiple choice question (MCQs): at transport layer, tcp/ip defines, with choices transmission control protocol, user datagram protocol, stream control transmission protocol, and all of the above for online network engineer associate degree. Learn network models questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for IT security certifications.

Quiz on Transport Layer Worksheet 296Quiz Book Download

Transport Layer Quiz

MCQ: At transport layer, TCP/IP defines

  1. Transmission Control Protocol
  2. User Datagram Protocol
  3. Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  4. All of the above


Class IP Addressing Quiz

MCQ: Class C lies between

  1. 0 to 127
  2. 1128-19111
  3. 1192-22311
  4. 1240-25511


World Wide Web Architecture Quiz

MCQ: Webpages are stored at the

  1. Server
  2. Client
  3. Domain
  4. Mail Server


IGMP Protocol Quiz

MCQ: Maximum size of an IPv4 packet would be

  1. 1024 bytes
  2. 2048 bytes
  3. 3098 bytes
  4. 4064 bytes


IEEE 802.11 Standards Quiz

MCQ: Frames that are used for initial communication between stations and access points are called

  1. Control frames
  2. Data frames
  3. Beacon Frame
  4. Management Frames