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Point to Point Protocol Quiz Questions and Answers 294 PDF Download

Learn point to point protocol quiz questions, computer network online test 294 for distance learning degrees, free online courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on data link control quiz, point to point protocol multiple choice questions and answers to learn networking quiz with answers. Practice point to point protocol MCQs, CCNA certification assessment on transmission control protocol (tcp), framing, tcp/ip suite, user datagram protocol, point to point protocol practice test for online internetworking courses distance learning.

Study point to point protocol online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): in point to point protocol, framing techniques done according to the, for bachelor degree and master degree for information technology questions with choices bit oriented protocol, byte oriented protocol, high-level data link protocol, and link control protocol with online basic interview questions and answer keys for highest paying jobs in science. Learn data link control quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Point to Point Protocol Worksheet 294Quiz PDF Download

Point to Point Protocol Quiz

MCQ: In Point to Point Protocol, framing techniques done according to the

  1. Bit oriented Protocol
  2. Byte oriented Protocol
  3. High-level Data Link Protocol
  4. Link Control Protocol


User Datagram Protocol Quiz

MCQ: Operations of Transport Layer is as same as the

  1. TCP
  2. TCP/IP
  3. ICMP
  4. UDP


TCP/IP Suite Quiz

MCQ: In TCP/IP Protocol, combination of physical and data link layers are equivalent to the

  1. application layer
  2. Transport layer
  3. Internet Layer
  4. Host to network layer


Framing Quiz

MCQ: In data link layer, term that is used to separate a message from one source to a destination is called

  1. software implemented protocols
  2. framing
  3. error control
  4. flow control


Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Quiz

MCQ: Inclusion of checksum for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), is

  1. Optional
  2. Mandatory
  3. Dependent
  4. Sync-ed