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Digital to Digital Conversion Quiz Questions and Answers 238 PDF Download

Learn digital to digital conversion quiz, online computer networks test 238 for distance learning, online courses. Free networking MCQs questions and answers to learn digital to digital conversion MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on digital to digital conversion with answers, satellite networks, ipv4 connectivity, ieee 802.11 frames, cellular telephony, digital to digital conversion test for online networking tips courses distance learning.

Free digital to digital conversion online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: mlt-3 schemes uses three levels with choices 0, v,-v, 0,1,2, m,l,t and 0,-1,-2 for distance education for online masters degree and bachelor's degree distance learning exams, study digital transmission multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Digital to Digital Conversion Worksheet 238 Quiz PDF Download

Digital to Digital Conversion Quiz

MCQ. MLT-3 schemes uses three levels

  1. 0, V,-V
  2. 0,1,2
  3. M,L,T
  4. 0,-1,-2


Cellular Telephony Quiz

MCQ. A mobile station can communicate with two base stations at same time, in this case systems are using

  1. Hard Handoff
  2. Soft Handoff
  3. Low Handoff
  4. Back Handoff


IEEE 802.11 Frames Quiz

MCQ. In IEEE 802.11 frames, when values of, To DS and from DS are 00, its means frame is not going to a

  1. Adhoc System
  2. Infrastructure system
  3. Distribution System
  4. cellular System


IPv4 Connectivity Quiz

MCQ. Ethernet protocol has a minimum and maximum restriction on size of data that can be encapsulated in a frame is

  1. 45 to 1200 Bytes
  2. 45 to 1400 Bytes
  3. 45 to 1450 Bytes
  4. 45 to 1500 Bytes


Satellite Networks Quiz

MCQ. In 1998, Iridium system service was started with

  1. 56 Satellites
  2. 66 Satellites
  3. 76 Satellites
  4. 86 Satellites