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IPv6 Addresses Quiz Questions and Answers 11 PDF Book Download

Ipv6 addresses quiz, ipv6 addresses MCQs answers, computer network quiz 11 to learn networking courses online. Network layer logical addressing quiz questions and answers, ipv6 addresses multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice networking test with answers for college and university courses. Learn ipv6 addresses MCQs, ipv4 connectivity, backbone network, ethernet standards, ipv6 addresses test prep for IT security certifications.

Learn ipv6 addresses test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a link local address of local addresses is used in an, with choices isolated router, subnets, isolated subnet, and supernets for online network administration degree. Learn network layer logical addressing questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for IT security certifications.

Quiz on IPv6 Addresses Worksheet 11Quiz Book Download

IPv6 Addresses Quiz

MCQ: A link local address of local addresses is used in an

  1. Isolated router
  2. Subnets
  3. Isolated subnet
  4. Supernets


Ethernet Standards Quiz

MCQ: Full duplex mode increases capacity of each domain from

  1. 10 to 20 mbps
  2. 20 to 30 mbps
  3. 30 to 40 mbps
  4. 40 to 50 mbps


Backbone Network Quiz

MCQ: A point-to-point link in a remote backbone connected by remote bridges acts as

  1. Ad hoc network
  2. LA Network
  3. WA Network
  4. MA Network


IPv4 Connectivity Quiz

MCQ: In IPv4 layer, datagram is of

  1. Fixed length
  2. Variable length
  3. Global length
  4. 0 length


Framing Quiz

MCQ: In byte stuffing, a special byte is added to data section of frame when there is a character with same pattern as the

  1. flag
  2. error
  3. sender
  4. destination