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Networking Basics Quiz Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Networking basics quiz questions and answers, networking basics MCQs with answers, networking test prep 1 to learn networking courses for online classes. Computer networking quiz, networking basics multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Learn MCQs, test prep for CCNA certification.

Learn networking basics MCQ with multiple choice questions: combination of two or more networks are called, with choices internetwork, wan, man, and lan for online computer science degree. Learn computer networking questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for IT security certifications.

Quiz on Networking Basics Worksheet 1 PDF Book Download

Networking Basics MCQ

MCQ: Combination of two or more networks are called

  1. Internetwork
  2. WAN
  3. MAN
  4. LAN


Latency MCQ

MCQ: Propagation time is equals to

  1. Distance/Propagation speed
  2. Propagation speed/Bandwidth
  3. Message size/ Bandwidth
  4. Bandwidth/Queuing time


Web Documents MCQ

MCQ: An applet is a program written in Java on the

  1. Web
  2. Server
  3. Domain
  4. Client


Media Access Control MCQ

MCQ: Field of MAC frame that alerts receiver and enables it to synchronize is known as

  1. SFD
  2. preamble
  3. source address
  4. destination address


Ciphers MCQ

MCQ: A substitution cipher substitutes one symbol with

  1. Keys
  2. Others
  3. Multi Parties
  4. Single Party