Networking Layer Delivery MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn networking layer delivery MCQs, computer networks test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Network layer: delivery, forwarding, and routing MCQs, networking layer delivery multiple choice questions and answers, networking layer forwarding, multicast routing protocols, networking layer delivery tutorials for online network router courses distance learning.

Computer networking practice test MCQ: network layer supervises handling of packets by with options physical networks, data networks, application networks and transport networks for online e-learning for job hiring, graduate jobs and research jobs preparation for job seekers. Free study guide is for online learning networking layer delivery quiz questions with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Networking Layer Delivery Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Network layer supervises handling of packets by

  1. Physical Networks
  2. Data Networks
  3. Application Networks
  4. Transport Networks


MCQ: If destination host is not on same network as deliverer, packet is delivered

  1. Randomly
  2. Indirectly
  3. Lastly
  4. Direct


MCQ: Final destination of packet is a host connected to same physical network as deliverer in the

  1. Direct Delivery
  2. Indirect Delivery
  3. Urgent Delivery
  4. Delayed Delivery


MCQ: When source and destination of packet are located on same physical network, then

  1. Direct delivery Fails
  2. Direct delivery Delay
  3. Direct delivery Occurrs
  4. Direct delivery Stops