Networking Interview Questions MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn networking interview questions MCQs, computer networking online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice process to process delivery: udp, tcp and sctp multiple choice questions (MCQs), networking interview questions quiz questions and answers. CCNA certification prep on transmission control protocol (tcp), sctp protocol, networking interview questions tutorials for online network definitions courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in data science degree MCQs: no retransmission timer is set for an, for online courses with choices rto, ack segment, fin segment, checksum segment for placement tests prep for online bachelor of software engineering and masters in software engineering. Free skills assessment test is for online learn networking interview questions quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Networking Interview QuestionsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: No retransmission timer is set for an

  1. RTO
  2. ACK segment
  3. FIN segment
  4. Checksum segment


MCQ: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Synchronize sequence numbers during

  1. Pushing Data
  2. Transformation
  3. Connection
  4. Controling


MCQ: An ACK segment, if carrying no data still consumes

  1. One sequence number
  2. Two sequence number
  3. Three sequence number
  4. No sequence number


MCQ: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), needs buffers for

  1. Storage
  2. Request
  3. Connections
  4. Transmission


MCQ: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), A connection-oriented transport protocol establishes a

  1. Virtual Communication
  2. Virtual Path
  3. Virtual Flow
  4. Virtual Header