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Message integrity MCQs, message integrity quiz with answers for online learning networking courses. Learn network security multiple choice questions (MCQs), message integrity quiz questions and answers. Career test on analysis of algorithms, snmp protocol, message confidentiality, message integrity test prep for IT certifications.

Learn network security practice test MCQs: to check integrity of a message, or document, receiver creates the, to learn computer science degree with options hash-table, hash tag, hyper text, finger print for MIS careers. Free skills assessment test for online learning message integrity quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for network pro certification.

MCQ on Message IntegrityQuiz Book Download

MCQ: To check integrity of a message, or document, receiver creates the

  1. Hash-Table
  2. Hash Tag
  3. Hyper Text
  4. Finger Print


MCQ: One way to preserve integrity of a document is through use of a

  1. Eye-Rays
  2. Finger Print
  3. Biometric
  4. X-Rays


MCQ: Encryption and decryption provide secrecy, or confidentiality, but not

  1. Authentication
  2. Integrity
  3. Privacy
  4. All of the above


MCQ: To preserve integrity of a document, both document and fingerprint are

  1. Not Used
  2. Unimportant
  3. Needed
  4. Not needed


MCQ: In Message Integrity, message digest needs to be kept

  1. Secret
  2. Low
  3. High
  4. Constant 0