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Network Layer: Internet Protocol Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Book Download

Network layer internet protocol multiple choice questions (MCQs), network layer internet protocol quiz answers, computer network test 6 to learn networking courses online. Ipv4 connectivity MCQs, network layer internet protocol quiz questions and answers for admission and scholarships exams. Practice ipv4 connectivity, internet working career test for security certifications.

Learn network layer internet protocol test with multiple choice question: an option that is used by source to predetermine a route for datagram as it travels through internet is known as, with choices strict source header, strict source, strict source route, and strict source data for information technology masters programs. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning ipv4 connectivity quiz questions with computer network MCQs for IT security certifications.

MCQ on Network Layer Internet Protocol Test 6Quiz Book Download

MCQ: An option that is used by source to predetermine a route for datagram as it travels through Internet is known as

  1. Strict Source
  2. Strict Source Header
  3. Strict Source Route
  4. Strict Source Data


MCQ: Router discards datagram when it is decremented to

  1. Negative values
  2. Positive values
  3. Zero
  4. One


MCQ: Datagram network uses universal addresses defined in network layer to route packets from source to the

  1. Same source
  2. Layers
  3. Destination
  4. Application


MCQ: In IPv4, some physical networks are not able to encapsulate a datagram of

  1. 65,555 bytes
  2. 65,545 bytes
  3. 65,535 bytes
  4. 65,525 bytes


MCQ: Physical and data link layers of a network operate

  1. Independently
  2. Locally
  3. Separately
  4. Unjointly