Network Layer Internet Protocol Multiple Choice Questions 20 PDF Download

Learn network layer internet protocol multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer networking test 20 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice ipv6 test MCQs, network layer internet protocol questions and answers on ipv6 test, internet working test for online master degree in computer networking courses distance learning.

Free network layer internet protocol quiz online, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: in packet format, base header occupies with choices 50 bytes, 55 bytes, 45 bytes and 40 bytes with online global exams' preparation for online competitions like ETS GRE prep for good GRE scores. Study to learn online ipv6 test quiz questions with computer network MCQs for CISCO CCNA certifications competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Network Layer Internet Protocol Test 20 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In packet format, base header occupies

  1. 55 Bytes
  2. 50 Bytes
  3. 45 Bytes
  4. 40 Bytes


MCQ: In its simplest form, a flow label can be used to speed up processing of a packet by a

  1. Packet Switch
  2. Router
  3. Data Switch
  4. Protocol


MCQ: Source first makes a connection with destination before sending a packet in

  1. Connection-oriented service
  2. Connectionless service
  3. Unguided Connection
  4. All of the above