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Cryptography Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 5 PDF Download

Cryptography multiple choice questions (MCQs), cryptography test prep to learn computer network quiz 5 for CS degree free online courses. Learn asymmetric key cryptography multiple choice questions (MCQs), cryptography quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on asymmetric key cryptography, networks cryptography, ciphers, symmetric key cryptography (skc), introduction to cryptography test prep for online network organization courses distance learning.

Practice cryptography career test with multiple choice question: in symmetric key cryptography, key used by sender and receiver is, for computer science majors with options different, shared, two keys are used, none for online IT degree programs. Professional skills assessment test with online learning asymmetric key cryptography quiz questions with computer network MCQs for CISCO CCNA certifications competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Cryptography Test 5Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In Asymmetric-Key Cryptography, although RSA can be used to encrypt and decrypt actual messages, it is very slow if message is

  1. Short
  2. Long
  3. Flat
  4. Thin


MCQ: In symmetric key cryptography, key used by sender and receiver is

  1. shared
  2. different
  3. two keys are used
  4. None


MCQ: Ciphers of today are called

  1. Substitution Cipher
  2. Round ciphers
  3. Transposition Cipher
  4. None


MCQ: In Rotation Cipher, keyless rotation number of rotations is

  1. Jammed
  2. Idle
  3. Rotating
  4. Fixed


MCQ: In symmetric-key cryptography, same key is used by

  1. One Party
  2. Multi Party
  3. Third Party
  4. Both Party