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Congestion Control and Quality of Service Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Congestion control and quality of service MCQs, congestion control and quality of service quiz with answers to learn computer network quiz 1 for networking online courses. Learn network congestion multiple choice questions (MCQs), congestion control and quality of service quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on network congestion, networking basics, congestion control test prep for IT certifications.

Practice congestion control and quality of service career test with multiple choice question: average data rate is equals to, to learn computer science degree with options amount of data/ time, amount of data/ amount of entries sent, time/amount of data, total number of bits sent/packets for software engineering careers. Professional skills assessment test with online learning network congestion quiz questions with computer network MCQs for best computer science certifications.

MCQ on Congestion Control & Quality of Service Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Effective bandwidth is bandwidth that network needs to allocate for the

  1. Flow of Data
  2. Flow of Cost
  3. Flow of Traffic
  4. Flow of Amount


MCQ: Average data rate is equals to

  1. amount of data/ amount of Entries sent
  2. amount of data/ time
  3. time/amount of data
  4. total number of bits sent/Packets


MCQ: In Congestion Control, DVL stands for

  1. Delay Versus Lose
  2. Delay Variable Line
  3. Delay Versus Load
  4. Delay Variable Load


MCQ: In Congestion, CBR stands for

  1. Control Bit Rate
  2. Constant Bit Rate
  3. Constant Byte Rate
  4. Congestion Byte Rate


MCQ: There is no communication between congested node or nodes and source in the

  1. Implicit Signaling
  2. Explicit Signaling
  3. Forward Signaling
  4. Backward Signaling