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Computer Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 6 PDF Download

Computer networking multiple choice questions, learn computer networking online test prep 6 for e-learning, free online courses prep. Practice protocols and standards multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer networking quiz questions and answers. Learn protocols and standards, what is network, what is internet CCNA certification prep for online information systems major courses distance learning.

Study computer networking quiz with multiple choice questions, organization that is developing cooperation in realms of scientific, technological and economic activity is ., for bachelor degree and masters in computer science degree courses with choices international organization for standardization, institute of electrical and electronics engineers, american national standards institute, electronic industries association for online technical certifications of IT, computer science, information systems and computer engineering preparation. Practice skills assessment test for online learning protocols and standards quiz questions with computer network MCQs for CISCO CCNA certifications competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Computer Networking Test 6Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Organization that is developing cooperation in realms of scientific, technological and economic activity is .

  1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  2. International Organization for Standardization
  3. American National Standards Institute
  4. Electronic Industries Association


MCQ: Network that is usually owned privately and links devices in single office is called

  1. MAN
  2. LAN
  3. WAN
  4. Internetwork


MCQ: Internetworking protocol is known as

  1. TCP
  2. IP
  3. ISP
  4. TCPIP


MCQ: Parameter that refers to set of rules that govern data communications are called

  1. Forum
  2. Standard
  3. Agency
  4. Protocol


MCQ: Defacto means

  1. by fact
  2. by law
  3. by nature
  4. by network