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Computer Networking Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Computer networking multiple choice questions, learn computer networking online test prep 3 for e-learning, free online courses prep. Practice star topology multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer networking quiz questions and answers. Learn star topology, networking basics, network topology CCNA certification prep for online cyber security schools courses distance learning.

Study computer networking quiz with multiple choice questions, star topology is used in, for bachelor degree and masters in computer science degree courses with choices wan, lan, man, internetwork for online IT learning with distance learning portal for information technology jobs. Practice skills assessment test for online learning star topology quiz questions with computer network MCQs for CISCO CCNA certifications competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Computer Networking Test 3Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Star topology is used in

  1. LAN
  2. WAN
  3. MAN
  4. Internetwork


MCQ: Nodes are another name of

  1. Devices
  2. Links
  3. Medium
  4. Modes


MCQ: Bus, ring and star topologies are mostly used in the

  1. LAN
  2. MAN
  3. WAN
  4. Internetwork


MCQ: Star topology is less expensive then

  1. Mesh
  2. Ring
  3. Bus
  4. Hybrid


MCQ: Difficult reconnection and fault isolation are disadvantages of

  1. Star topology
  2. Mesh topology
  3. Ring topology
  4. Bus topology