IPv6 Addresses MCQs and Quiz PDF Online Download

Practice ipv6 addresses MCQs, ipv6 addresses quiz answers to learn networking for online cyber security degree courses. Network layer: logical addressing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), ipv6 addresses quiz questions and answers for computer science associate degree. Learn unicast addresses, ipv4 addresses, ipv6 addresses test prep for computer science programs.

Learn network layer: logical addressing MCQ: a link local address of local addresses is used in an, with choices isolated router, subnets, isolated subnet, and supernets for computer science associate degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning ipv6 addresses quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for information and communication technology.

MCQs on IPv6 Addresses PDF Online Download

MCQ: A link local address of the local addresses is used in an

  1. Isolated router
  2. Subnets
  3. Isolated subnet
  4. Supernets


MCQ: An IPv6 address is

  1. 8 bits long
  2. 16 bits long
  3. 32 bits long
  4. 128 bits long.


MCQ: In the subcategories of reserved address in the IPv6, the address that is used by a host to test itself without going into the network is called

  1. Unspecified address
  2. Loopback address
  3. Compatible address
  4. Mapped address


MCQ: A few leftmost bits in each address of the IPv6 address define its category,is known as

  1. Prefix type
  2. Postfix type
  3. Reserved type
  4. Local type


MCQ: In IPv6 addresses, the addresses start with eight 0s are called

  1. Unicast addresses
  2. Multicast addresses
  3. Anycast addresses
  4. Reserved addresses