Flow and Error Control MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Flow and error control multiple choice questions, learn online computer network test prep for IT degree online courses. Learn data link control multiple choice questions (MCQs), flow and error control quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on point to point protocol, framing, hdlc, network protocols aptitude test for online wireless networks courses distance learning.

Practice data link control aptitude test MCQs: error control is combination of, for free online computer science courses with options error detection and error correction, flow and error control, bit stuffing and unstuffing, byte stuffing and unstuffing for online IT degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning flow and error control quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Flow and Error ControlQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Term that refers to a set of procedures used to restrict amount of data that sender can send before waiting for acknowledgment is

  1. error control
  2. flow control
  3. delay
  4. byte stuffing


MCQ: Error control is combination of

  1. error detection and error correction
  2. flow and error control
  3. bit stuffing and unstuffing
  4. byte stuffing and unstuffing


MCQ: Port address is also known as

  1. Service point address
  2. Receiver point address
  3. Sender point address
  4. Both B & C


MCQ: Error Control and Flow Control are responsibilities of

  1. data link and network Layers
  2. data link and Physical Layer
  3. Application and Presentation Layer
  4. data link and Transport Layer


MCQ: Error control in data link layer is based on

  1. automatic repeat request
  2. manually repeat request
  3. situation based
  4. both a and b