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Data communications MCQs, data communications quiz answers to learn networking online courses. Learn data communications multiple choice questions (MCQs), data communications quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on data communications test prep for CCNA certifications.

Practice data communications test MCQs: information can be represented as a sequence of, with choices byte patterns, characters, bit patterns, and images for online computer science degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online data communications quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for IT certifications.

MCQ on Data CommunicationsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Information can be represented as a sequence of

  1. byte patterns
  2. characters
  3. bit patterns
  4. images


MCQ: Parameter that refers to recording and broadcasting of picture is

  1. Text
  2. Audio
  3. Image
  4. Video


MCQ: In representation of text symbols, each set of bit pattern is called

  1. Code
  2. Unicode
  3. Coding
  4. sequence


MCQ: Data communications are transfer of data through some

  1. transmission medium
  2. linear medium
  3. Network LAN
  4. Protocols


MCQ: Keyboard and traditional monitors are examples of

  1. Simplex devices
  2. Duplex devices
  3. Half Duplex devices
  4. Full Duplex devices