Congestion Control MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn congestion control MCQs, computer networks test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Congestion control and quality of service quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), congestion control quiz questions and answers, networking basics, congestion control tutorials for online accelerated bachelors degree courses distance learning.

Computer networking practice test MCQ: in congestion control, dvl stands for with choices delay versus lose, delay variable line, delay versus load and delay variable load for students, scholars and online tutors' study resource for classroom interactive questions with answers. Free study guide is for online learning congestion control quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Congestion Control Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In Congestion Control, DVL stands for

  1. Delay Versus Lose
  2. Delay Variable Line
  3. Delay Versus Load
  4. Delay Variable Load


MCQ: There is no communication between congested node or nodes and source in the

  1. Implicit Signaling
  2. Explicit Signaling
  3. Forward Signaling
  4. Backward Signaling


MCQ: In Congestion Control, a bit can be set in a packet moving in direction opposite to congestion in

  1. Implicit Signaling
  2. Backward Signaling
  3. Explicit Signaling
  4. Forward Signaling


MCQ: A packet which is sent by a node to source to inform it of congestion is called

  1. Congestion Packet
  2. Chunk Packet
  3. Choke Packet
  4. Con-Control Packet


MCQ: Congestion control can be in two examples, one in TCP and other in

  1. Frame Relay
  2. Data Relay
  3. Source Relay
  4. IP Relay