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Amps multiple choice questions (MCQs), amps test prep for online learning with IT degree certificate eCourses. Learn wireless wans: cellular telephone and satellite networks multiple choice questions (MCQs), amps quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on cellular telephony, amps, satellite networks aptitude test for online computer science degree courses distance learning.

Practice wireless wans: cellular telephone and satellite networks aptitude test MCQs: amps stands for, for free online courses with options american mobile power station, advanced mobile phone system, advanced modulated phone signals, advanced mobile phone stations for online computer science degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning amps quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on AMPSQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In north America, Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) is one of leading cellular

  1. Company
  2. Generated company
  3. System
  4. Station


MCQ: AMPS stands for

  1. American Mobile Power Station
  2. Advanced Mobile Phone System
  3. Advanced Modulated Phone Signals
  4. Advanced Mobile Phone Stations


MCQ: D-AMPS is a digital cellular phone system using

  1. TDMA
  2. FDMA
  3. WMA
  4. both a and b


MCQ: AMPS is an analog cellular phone system using

  1. CDMA
  2. MSC
  3. FDMA
  4. TDMA


MCQ: AMPS uses FDMA to divide each 25-MHz into

  1. 3D-KHz
  2. 2D-KHz
  3. 4D-KHz
  4. 5D-KHz